Home Security

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Our homes keep some of our most precious objects. Pictures, valuables, and memories are all stored in homes. In the U.S., 325,000 houses are being broken into each year. The FBI reported that there was an estimated $14.3 billion in losses due to home break-ins. These facts are astounding. But there ways to help reduce the risk of burglaries and protect your home, valuables, and your family.

  1. Exterior Doors: Exterior doors should be solid and be free of rot and cracks. There should also be a quality deadbolt installed. Spare keys should not be hidden in obvious places. Mail slots should have cages or boxes attached to them.
  2. Doggie Doors: Pet doors should be installed away from locks and in the smallest size as possible. Some burglars have unlocked door locks from doggie doors and some have even crawled through these doors. Electronic pet doors are best because they only open when a pet with a signaling device in their collar.
  3. Sliding Glass Doors and Windows: Sliding glass doors should have locks equipped to the top and bottom to prevent doors from being able to be lifted from their frames. All windows should be made up of strong glass. Bars, grilles, grates, or heavy-duty wire can help protect windows. Install lights around windows.
  4. Illumination and Landscaping: Lights should be installed on all four sides of the house. Lights should be left on when the house is vacant. Motion lights are also a good idea to install to ward off burglars. Shrubs and trees should not obscure the view of entrances. Fences are very good burglar deterrents.
  5. Other Tips: When nobody is home, a loud radio and a car in the driveway are excellent deterrents. Dogs can also scare away burglars. Security system alarm stickers can be bought to give the illusion that you have an alarm system.

One of the most useful tips is to install a security system. These systems are specifically designed to provide safety and peace of mind. Many good companies provide quality alarm systems. There are many ways to protect your homes from the risk of burglaries and homeowners should take advantage of these tips.